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Life videos, family legacy videos or video biographies, allow you to capture your family history and cherished life moments for future generations to enjoy and learn of their family history

Life Story documentary interview

Life Video – Your Story, is a video production company based in Brisbane filming Life Videos from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. We capture your life story and family history in a professional documentary style video interview.

Our experienced camera crew and our broadcast quality cameras, guarantee to get the the best shots and audio to make you and the production, look and sound great.

Our fully qualified interviewer has over 30 years experience including Radio and Television


Life Video – Your Story is a digital video production and with today’s technology, your family biography and life story video will last forever.

We shoot in high quality for the clearest resolution and supply the finished professional production as required, including free hosting on our private cloud server to download or share as you wish.

If required we can also supply your Family Story Video on USB, DVD or  external hard-drive

Family history video

Why get a family legacy video or family history video?

It’s a wonderful way to honor your ancestors, family members and tell your story.

Life Videos create a lasting legacy and an opportunity for life stories and historical information to be preserved forever for future generations to enjoy forever.

Please contact is today to just have a chat about one for your family. Ph 1300 084 336

Life Video Your Story

Talk of your ancestors and where you were raised.
Your Triumphs & Tragedies, the times you were praised.
The loves of your life, your husband your wife.
Your Children your Pets, the things you love dear.
Tell us your stories, forever to share

A Perfect Gift for a Loved One

A Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Life videos make beautiful gifts – perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, reunions and retirement celebrations. If your parents or grandparents

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Feb 25, 2019

Family Legacy Video

Family Legacy Video

Family Legacy Video There’s something truly amazing about shooting a family legacy video, all your emotional family members and friends

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Oct 25, 2018

Every Family has a Storyteller

Every Family has a Storyteller

Maybe it’s your grandmother or grandfather, your mom or dad, your aunt or uncle. Don’t you love hearing them tell

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Oct 23, 2017



Life Video would love to help produce your unique story to ensure your loved ones and generations to come will forever remember you, the characteristics and events that made your life special.

Preserve Memories

Shot In Your Home

Plans from $995 + Shooting

We Help with Everything

Shoots from 2 Hours

Personal & Professional

life video your story


How Long are the Videos?

We have 3 packages + custom packages

Single Package

  • For one person, one interview for up to 2 hours
  • Finished product is up to 10 minutes

Couples Package

  • For couples, combined interview for up to 3 hours
  • Finished product is up to 15 minutes

Family+ Package

  • One location single or couples interview with up to 3 additional family members or friends for up to 4 hours
  • Finished product is up to 20 minutes

Extra Shooting time per hour


Extra Video Edited Length per 5 Minutes

$400+gst includes up to 10 inserts per 5 mins

Extra Locations


Custom Packages

As required – quoted to order

Where Do You Conduct The Interview?

We come to your home or a place of your choosing.

Most interviews are conducted in a quiet room away from traffic noise in the story teller’s home in order to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Ideally we prefer a larger quiet room away from traffic noise. Preferably the speaker should be seated with a nice distance to an interesting background ie flowers, plants, lamp, painting or scenery through drapes

We usually shoot with 2 cameras so we will be looking for an area with 2 interesting backgrounds if possible

A studio space can be arranged but extra costs will apply

How Long Does The Interview Take?

The set-up takes approximately 30 minutes.

The interview can run from 2 hours for the basic single plan to 4+ hours for the Couples and Family+ plans

Can we have extra footage taken


Extra B-Roll footage enhances the production and keeps the viewer interested

Some recommend extra footage could include:

  • Subject doing their normal routine ie Gardening, talking with friends, walking dog,
  • Travelling to memorable sites
  • Visiting Friends
  • Interviews with others at another location etc

This could take a day or 2 and extra shooting costs will apply, but we quote first before approval and co-ordinate all of that with you.

What Questions Will You Ask?

The questions for the interview will vary depending upon the length of the production and what special topics you want to discuss

These may include:

  • Your parents
  • Grandparents
  • Childhood
  • Schools
  • Relationships
  • Children
  • Achievements
  • Travel
  • Work experiences
  • Life’s challenges
  • Significant historical moments
  • Interests, Politics, Religion, etc.

We will paint as complete a biographical portrait as time allows.

What If I Say Something That I Don't Want Included?

You have absolute editorial control. If there is anything that you would not like in the finished production, simply say so at the time of the interview.  Interviews that are spontaneous and lack a high degree of self-censorship are the most engaging.

You can also have sections removed from the 1st proof

Can I Do A Re-shoot?

Naturally if we are responsible for bad footage ie: out of focus, bad sound etc, we will re-shoot at our expense

However most people who don’t like a video production usually don’t like seeing themselves, no matter what they just don’t like the way they look or the way they talk so please practice your talk and make an effort to look great.

Yes you can re-shoot the project but it is at your expense.

Which means new camera crew costs and new editing costs.

If it is only a small section to be redone we will quote you first.

Please bear in mind though we have never had to redo a shoot yet. We plan well and get it right, and as long as you do your part and practice your answers, everything will be great.

How Do I Prepare My Photos and Videos

For most jobs we give you a script outline of the interview as discussed.

We require you to insert into the script the name of the photo or video you will supply that corespondents to that section. This does not have to be done before shooting.

The preparation process involves the selection of photographs, movies and slides that cover the topics discussed in the interview then writing captions to identify the people and places in them and finally instructions for any other custom touches you may want included in your production.

There are a set number of Photos of Videos included for each Package.

Extra photos and videos are inserted at an extra cost.



    Your Life Story Video



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